Gratitude Ahead of Time – Eps. 108

Hello! I just listened to podcast 108 on Gratitude ahead of time. I keep asking myself the question – What do I want to have in my life? It’s really interesting! Anyway, I wanted to ask more about putting this concept into practice. There are things in my life I’m grateful for. I also realize there are opportunities that I’m not really grateful for, but I can get to the place of gratitude right? Moving forward, before I decide to take a job, have an experience, volunteer, try a new program, etc. I want to be in a place of gratitude. My question is – What if there is an opportunity, experience, etc. that I’m not grateful for? Not because of doubt, but purely because I don’t want to do it? Is that okay not to do it then? Or is that not a reason? I’m curious because in the space I’m in, I’m really looking at what I want and why. There were times in the past I would do something just because. Sometimes I felt grateful and other times I just hated it. I know it’s all about my thoughts, but are there times where it’s just not right and that’s okay? I mean I don’t have to be grateful for things I don’t want to be grateful for right? It’s not like I have to love everything. Just need some clarity on where to go from here! I’m working on starting to visualize and feel grateful! Thanks!