Grief & Divorce

Hello Brooke,

The good news first. I’ve lost 50 lbs. It’s been a challenge for 30 years.

In order to stop overeating, I’ve had some pretty big life changes. Learning to allow my emotions instead of buffering them away, stopping drinking and making choices around social engagements.

All that to stay, that now that I’ve made those changes, I am here nearly two years into separation and likely divorce and so deep in grief, anger, sadness. I know I am allowing these emotions, and I can allow them without overeating – which feels amazing.

My question is that allowing those emotions feels like a full time job. I can take care of myself, my kids – but not a lot of energy left over for much else.

I don’t want this divorce to define me, and I know that I will need to create my next chapter with my thoughts, but right now, I’m just in grief.

Any wisdom on when I will know when the work of allowing these emotions can end?!?