He Forgets!!

Damn I kept hitting send on accident! Where did the return button go?? So my boyfriend forgets stuff 3-5 times per week (people, places, conversations) and says to me “oh yeah! I forgot that!” Like it’s nothing, but I’m annoyed and making it mean that he’s not intellectual enough and the relationship isn’t going to work. I’m self coaching and getting to the place where I’m curious as to why he forgets, compassionate that we all forget sometimes, but I can’t get to an empowerment place of how is it perfect that he forgets? Or better, how is it so attractive or impressive? So C is bf forgets, T is ?, F is impressed, A is I’m affectionate and loving, R is we are awesome! Is it as easy as “he is awesome even when he forgets” ? I really want to see forgetfulness as impressive but I can’t. Thanks in advance!