He said I’m just going through the motions

The man I’m dating told me today he thought I was just “going through the motions” to please him and that “we can turn this around”. I’m flabbergasted as I thought I’d made my feelings clear that I’m madly in love with him. I’m trying (and failing) at not making this mean anything.

C He says I’m going through the motions
T He expects way more than I’m able to give
F Hurt
A Ask for clarification
R Distance between us

C He says I’m going through the motions
T Wow – I’m glad to hear this – I didn’t want to seem weird and creepy by being too enthusiastic.
F Curious
A Ask for clarification, be more open with my affection and feelings
R We grow closer together

I do like the IM I’ve created. I believe that he’s allowed to say and feel whatever he wants and I guess this is good news that he’s communicating this to me but I’m still hurt.