Help needed on laddered thoughts to have self confidence to be fully honest

I’m working on a model regarding taking an action that scares me. The action is expressing myself authentically in a certain situation with someone in my life. Here’s my models below:

Unintentional Model:
C: Be honest
T: I don’t want to further upset the person or have additional conflict within the relationship
F: anxiety
A: Avoid the topics and/or sugar coat things, not being 100% honest on my perspective (holding back)
R: Continue to experience anxiety and they don’t know my actual thoughts. We aren’t in an honest relationship

attempt at Intentional Model where I have self confidence:
C: Be honest
T: My perspective is just as valid as theirs, no matter their thoughts about it.
F. Self Confidence
A: I speak my honest truth from love
R: I’m honest within the relationship

I’m having issues with the intentional thought. It feels “right” but not enough to have me feeling self confident. Having trouble finding neutral/laddered thoughts to actually embody that perspective of self confidence within this situation.