Help on the story I want to tell

I am trying to find the most helpful thoughts/story to deal with my situation and be the most resourceful for moving forward. I have been working on this for months.

Here are the facts
(I have been embarrassed to ask publicly in detail because its a pretty tough subject. I really need fresh air and input.)

About 18 yrs ago I fell for someone who was married. It was really hard on me but I couldn’t walk away from it. Before I fell for him, I never thought I’d be with a married guy. He was a coworker. At that time, I did not understand that there were “players” or “womanizers”. It turns out he was a serial (or perhaps multiple serial) affair-er. His wife was a very kind but shy woman and they had a daughter.
We started a new company together and continued our relationship (at that time, I did not understand how important it was for me to look after my own well being) , and then 16 yrs later we sold the company-which was painful, because we didn’t really want to- and there were many stressors involved- the last two years of owning the company was very very hard.

After everything stabilized, he told me he decided to divorce his wife. He told me they were in counseling.

A few days later he told me he wanted space.

Only then did it occur to me that he was divorcing me too

Now several months later we have not really discussed it, we just kept working together (required by our contract with the new company) and acting like friends with the love part on hold- or stopped entirely. I didn’t want to talk about it because it felt like it would be too painful. SO hard.

There are so many reasons it came to an end- the memories of the conflicts/the hard times- or just basic incompatibility- or that he wants to be with other women again-or he just wants to not be reminded of the company- or none of the above

My contract is up and I have now finally resigned from my position and will not be working with him soon.

so my question is, what should my story be that will be most helpful moving forward?

I find if I include concepts of love or the good things that came out of it I still feel very hurt

would instead it be something like this? keep it neutral?

I had a relationship with a guy
It was not satisfying because in part he was not available
We started a company together
We sold the company for good money
I am moving on with new relationships and I will meet the love of my life