Help with Intentional Thoughts

I got connected with a close, male high school friend a couple of years ago on Facebook after seeing him in person and having an amazing reunion after 20 years since I had last seen him (I’m female). I had hoped his excitement for seeing me would translate into being actively involved in each other’s lives via FB, but it hasn’t. We continue to be connected and I’ll receive a ‘like’ from him on my posts every once in a while, but he has not reached out to me personally. I have reached out to him via FB Messenger, and he has responded, but he responds once and doesn’t continue any dialogue. When I saw him in person, he told me he had thought about me a lot over the years, which truly shocked me because before seeing him in person, I thought he didn’t care about me because he didn’t accept my FB friend request when we both joined FB in 2008. I didn’t ask him what exactly he meant by that comment, but it contradicted my thought I’d had since 2008 that he didn’t care about me. I realize I have a friendship manual for how I think our interaction should be, and I’m making his lack of interaction mean he doesn’t care about me/he’s not interested in my life, and it’s these thoughts that are causing me to feel rejected. I want to get to a place of acceptance for and stop resisting what is, but I haven’t found a thought that sticks with me and pulls me out of this thought-feeling cycle. Your help with intentional thought suggestions is much appreciated.
C – Interaction with friend on Facebook
T – He doesn’t care about me because he seldom ‘likes’ my FB posts, and he has not initiated any personal interaction with me
F – Rejected
A – I don’t ‘like’ his posts, I avoid FB to avoid him, I question whether it was a good idea to connect with him on FB because of what I make my interaction with him or lack of interaction with him mean
R – I reject myself by my thoughts about what I make my friend’s behavior mean