Help with model – lp

First want to share that The best part about my day today was when I panicked and I felt it all the way through in my body and was able to identify in the moment that I was thinking I would destroy a client’s website, I’d have to rebuild it or pay for it myself, and all of it would mean that I am the absolute worst and should be fired. So good

I want to ask for help on this model. I heard Jodie say your R becomes your next C, so it should be proveable with everyone agreeing, right? If that is true, then I’d like some help with my R here. Also I am not sure if my A is true here.

C: client provided feedback via email at 7 pm while I’m at my second job. Our plan was to publish her email campaign today. My boss replied. I did not. I work at my job 9-4.
T: I should’ve been the one to respond
F: guilty
A: think boss should set office hours and boundaries with our clients
R: I suck at my job