I’m a Diamond for 2 days now YAY!!!

I need help with a hard decision.
Here is the situation.
My boyfriend and I are in the process to buy a house
He is selling his flat. He has few thousand pounds (£) and will have more once the flat is sold to use to buy the house.
I don’t have the amount of money I need on my bank account to contribute to the house as agreed and wished for. I only have around 3.5k.
I need to save up. I want to save up for the house.

I work fulltime and I have my coaching business that I’m working to grow.
The only option my brain sees to save money now is to cancel SCS. But I don’t want to. I would sacrifice SCS to buy a house with my boyfriend. I also want to make money on my business so I can keep SCS and save money.
The process of the house is going quicker than we thought, which is great, but less time to save/make money.

I want to believe that I can make the money I need on my business to be able to keep SCS and have the money for the house.
When I see evidences of my year on my business so far, I’ve made only £4k that I already invested back on my business. So I have £0 now.

My options are:
– Get a secondment opportunity at work which could increase 10% of my salary
– Cancel SCS
– Make money on my coaching business
– Cut excess expenses in general (which I’m doing it already)

I want to believe that I can grow my business so I can keep SCS and save money for my house.
But I also think that the money I make on my business should be to invest back on my business, and not to use for my personal needs.

There is a lot of drama. I need help with all of that please.