Hope involving an action on someone else’s part

Hi Brooke, I’m doing the last exercise in our February podcast book on hope and have a question when our thought has to do with an action involving someone else taking action. For example the thought “I hope my son gets a job”. If I try to fill out question #5-“take the same situation and commit to result you want instead of hoping” I get stumped. Should I be doing models on how I should feel even if he doesn’t get a job? C-son doesn’t have job. T-I hope he gets one soon F-anxious, mad he doesn’t just be an uber driver or get something A-text, call him to suggest ideas R-he has distanced himself. Or C-son doesn’t have job T-he will find one eventually, I can’t help him with this-i need to let it be F-calm, A-inaction R-he will call when he wants to. I get confused because I feel the 2nd model is passive but if our thought is about someone else what do we do? Many thanks for all you do-Annette