I’m exploring the idea of hope being a problem.

It seems to be a problem in a few ways.

I see that the feeling of hope is passive and doesn’t fuel action; that hope creates more hoping which is why hope is a problem. “I hope I pass that exam” doesn’t create the result of passing the exam the way “I am committed to passing that exam” would.

I also see that the thing we are hoping for is a circumstance that we don’t currently have and that what we really want is the feeling we believe that circumstance will give us; but we can always create that feeling with our thoughts which is why hope is a problem.

So if I’m hoping that my child does well in school, the question is why? How would I feel if my child did well in school? Proud; and that feeling is available to me now based on what I choose to think.

The feeling of hope blocks my ability to see that I can choose to feel proud instead.

There doesn’t have to be a future moment where my “wish” comes true so I can feel better; I can feel however I choose to feel right now.

Am I understanding this correctly? Can you expand on this for me?