Hormones and post-menopausal and weight loss

Hi – it’s my first month as a Diamond Scholar. So cool. I’ve also just started watching and doing worksheets in the 6 month weight loss program under assets. At first I skipped the video and sheet on Hormones because I’m 61 and post menopausal. But I’m wondering, do the hormonal issues still play a part in hunger and cravings. I’m not taking any HRT and for the most part – feel great. I have about 25 pounds to lose and wanting to use this as my new belief for this month in Scholars.

So many other things I want to work on new beliefs – especially business-wise – but feel that what I apply to weight loss will also apply to other areas. Yes?

Thanks so much – I’m looking forward to another year of scholars, self-coaching and going deeper – curious about what will resonate deeper or differently as I grow and keep leaning into discomfort and awareness.