How Greed Application

Hi Coaches!

I listened to Brooke’s “How Greed” podcast today and have applied it to my current desire to improve my relationship with my parents. I have felt very betrayed/angry/sad over the past week but have also been trying to make the move to see everything they do as neutral. This is proving pretty difficult for me. I think I’m frustrated that it’s not easy to BELIEVE their actions are neutral (even though I intellectually understand) and I want a “how-to” with the exact steps on how to get to compassion and love for them… I want the (very detailed) steps, I want it to be FAST, and I want it to be easy.

C: my brain
T: It’s not working! I can’t get myself to believe my parents words are neutral.
F: disappointed
A: place blame on myself, buffer, avoid my normal scholars routine because I don’t want to “fail”, entertain the thought it’s even possible to fail scholars/self-coaching, believe there’s a one-size-fits-all correct way, resist emotions, talk about my parents to others, believe something has gone wrong
R: I judge myself for where my brain/progress is at

C: my brain
T: I am figuring out HOW to get to where I want to be and it’s ok that it doesn’t feel easy or “good”
F: committed
A: practice feeling emotions, stop judging myself, stop believing there’s an exact step-by-step to get to where I want to be, allow it to be difficult, do my scholars work, realign myself with my purpose, realise I am learning and growing even when it feels wrong, realise my “how” to get to compassion and love will not be the exact same as others (and that’s ok)
R: I have my own back on this journey

Have I applied these concepts and the model correctly?

Always appreciate any input from you wonderful coaches. Thanks for all you do.