How to get a C to neutral

I have a question on how to get my head in neutral thinking around my business partner and my weight. My business partner and I have had some differences and we have been in business together for 6 years and I have recently started to open up the dialogue to leave our partership. I can not help but think she is judging me. I am judging her. I feel that she has talked poorly about me to our mutual friends and am having a hard time viewing her as neutral. I know its my thoughts about her, I know that her thoughts are her own, I know she can act which ever way she wants to but I just can’t seem to let my negative opinion of her go so none of my models work. I have the same issue with the scale. The scale has made me its bitch. Ha. I can’t seem to let go of the fact that the number on the scale is neutral and doesn’t determine my worth. Any insight is appreciated.