How to love my job

I hate my job as I work for someone else. I understand that I need to be happy in my current job before I leave it, as no job is perfect. I do the exercise of choosing feeling in the beginning of the day and I chose 1- acceptance , that I need to do this because it’s my choice
2- determination, to squeeze in self coaching during work
3- willingness to be uncomfortable while at work
It has made a shift in my thinking . I never did thought work focusing on ways enjoy my job as I want to leave my job. But I need to be in my current job at least another year. I was doing night shift yesterday, and inspite of clearing out my thought I still kept finding evidence of why I should leave my job . How can I cross the river of misery from I hate my job to I love my job .
C night shift on 22/9/19
T I hate my job as people keep asking for inappropriate requests
F irritated
A slept in between work half heartedly, found evidence of why I want to leave my job, develop urgency to leave my job , brain is reprogrammed to hate my job
R hate my job