How to use thought ladder

September is my first month in Diamond. I am excited to have access to the extra tools, videos, and calls. My first year in SCS found me not taking advantage of all the materials available to me. Several months were spent in doubt, confusion, overwhelm, and procrastination. I would use these indulgent emotions to delay my progress. It’s really been only the past 3-4 months where I have made the decision to be more involved and focused on my work in SCS. I’ve done the daily homework, listened to podcasts, and done thought downloads and Models on a pretty consistent basis.

I overthink, am indecisive, and question my ability to do the work correctly. I’m Diamond now and feel I should be further along. However, another thought replaces that – “I’m right where I’m supposed to be”.

I’d like help with thought ladder, changing thoughts from confusion and overwhelm. Some of my thoughts on the ladder are “maybe I am doing it right”, “I do take time every day to coach myself and study the workbook”, “I have not given up”, and “I’m right where I’m supposed to be”. Are there other “rungs” that would be more appropriate to help me with the thought switch?

I’ve included 2 examples of the Model. Unintentional Thought – C=SCS, T=I should be further along with SCS now that I’m Diamond, F=Doubting (or Anxious), A=Procrastination, Questioning my ability and dedication, Overthinking, R=I’m not making progress like I should. Intentional Thought – C=SCS, T=I’m right where I’m supposed to be with the program, F=Unpressured?/Relief?/Confidence, A=Decide to study and practice each day, do workbook daily, be mindful of my thoughts, R=I’m on course with SCS work. Please give me feedback on above Models and thought ladder. Thanks in advance for your help.