Hubby’s repetitions (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
When I don’t understand something, Hubby tends to repeat the exact same words, louder and louder with increasing anger. As I don’t understand, there’s a part of me that would like him to change, that’s for sure, and explain to me with different words what he means. But I get it that Hubby gets to be who he is.
However, how do we move forward and how do I understand his meaning?
Of course, the funny thing is that I keep on telling him I don’t understand and I also get angry eventually…
C – Hubby tells me X
T – I don’t understand what he means.
F – confused
A – I tell him I don’t understand
R – I don’t understand him
and then
C – Hubby repeats the exact same words
T – He should rephrase what I don’t understand
F – angry
A – I ask him to rephrase, I repeat I don’t understand
R – I get stuck on his meaning and I can’t move forward
Have a great evening!