Huge Ask

Hi Brooke,

I am so excited to be one of your coaches. Six years ago I ran a marathon for people with HIV because I did not know what else to do. I was diagnosed with cancer. Then I had 2 surgeries and could not work, so I started to coordinating the program, because I what else could I do stuck in bed. I was a runner, but then I could not walk. I challenged myself to walk around the hospital floor, then the block, then when I was released to walk on January 2014 and again in January 2015, I started training for a half marathon. In 2013 I did the full as a runner, then for the past 4 years I walked half, my body was different, heavier. This year, my year of impossible, I am walking the full marathon again. I would have never wanted to be a coach first of all if it were not for this program feeding 500 people in Kenya – they have given me more strength I ever know to carry on. That program gave me tenacity. Then I found SCS and I was on fire! You are helping me to realize my potential, it is truly providence. Now I boldly ask if you would sponsor me, I would be so grateful. I cannot thank Veronika’s Place (my ministry) and you enough.

God bless you,