Husband & Cult

My husband has found this guy online and he’s now reading the bible, but taking things this leader says about the bible into their own meanings and talks about numbers and materializing money. We’ve been together for 23 years, since were 18, have 4 kids, he’s my very best friend and I don’t know him anymore. He left us here went to WI for 4 days to be with this “group” they talk online, he stops work to meet with them online during the day, At night in bed he has his phone watching him and being in a group. He’s been giving them money and I’m so scared. Instead of coming at him with love I’m get angry and fight and I have tried to model, but I can’t figure it out.
c – he’s involved in a new group
t – he’s joining a cult
F – terrified
A – I yell and force my opinion on him
R – We are both not happy

This is what I’m trying for
c- he’s going a new group
t – maybe this will help him
f- still terrified
a – i let it happen and stay quiet
r – he’s happy

I’d like to be here as support to protect him, I know I can’t have a manual for him, but it’s happening quick. He’s leaving again to go back and be there with them in Nov.