Husband has lost job and future uncertain.

Hi Brooke,
My husband is 60 and was made redundant last Monday. This came as a shock ( though it’s not unusual in finance and it’s happened before). We were pretty exhausted after a big weekend; our son had a 21st party with 150 guests which had been a blast. He was intending to retire at 62 and is being paid for 12 months so money isn’t a problem in the short term. I guess my problem are the thoughts like
1 it would’ve been nice to have saved for a couple of weddings
2 I can’t be so generous with family members now
3 I ought to work more ( I love my job but 3 days is enough as a phone counselling)
4 the friends we have in this area are well off and his golf trips are very expensive. It will be hard to not be resentful of this expenditure when I won’t be spending much.
5 it’s ok now going into summer but what about the winter.
Scs has helped me so much. I guess I’m at the stage of trying to allow the feelings of uncertainty about the future and disappointment. There’s always something to work on.