Husband work

Hi coaches, this is a hard one to write. I’ve made awesome progress in Scholars in so many areas, but not in my marriage.

I want to write that I’ve failed to create love and passion with my Ts, but I know the truth to be I haven’t tried in a massive action way.

So I took a step back to look at why not.

Intellectually, I want to love him. I think he’s an amazing person. Kind, hardworking a great Dad. He’s my close friend and I like him to be around. I want to keep our family together.

But I do not want intimacy. I shut it down. I can’t find a T beyond “I don’t want it”. Any of it – even a date night or a meal together. I’ve searched for reasons & none really jibe.

I feel a lot of shame around it. Also fear because I don’t want intimacy and don’t want to break up our family. So I’ve stayed in this place longer than I want to admit.

I feel so not ready to get coached directly on my marriage, but want to ask for some coaching about my fear and avoidance of facing this head on. 🙏