Husbands Ex Wife

Hi Brooke,
The work I did last year was focused on my personal life and this year it’s dedicated to creating a 6 figure business. So I really didn’t want to post this question but it’s been over a week that this thought is consuming my mind.

Circumstance in general, my husbands ex-wife has been crossing boundaries we’ve spent the last year forming. Recently, over the past month, she’s been slowly testing the boundary by trying to lean on him emotionally more and more. He and I continue to communicate about it, so we are on the same page but I keep feeling violated and consumed by anticipating when she is going to lean on him again. Soo annoyed but trying to be compassionate that she is unhealthy and unhappy.

When my husband draws the line in the boundary she get’s angry, “you are being SOO rigid and I can’t co-parent if we can’t talk about more things. How has our friendship died?”
My thoughts are SUPER negative, but I’ve done work, even forgave her. Still my mind is consumed by it – “did she call him again, when is she going to call, what if she emailed him” – YIKES!

C: Husbands ex wife is calling my husband for emotional/parenting support
T: She should be leaning on her husband, instead wants to impose on my marriage
F: Threatened
A: Occupied mind
R: Steals my joy

New Thought: Of course she would try to invade boundaries, she’s human doing the best she can.
F: Compassion
A: Not be surprised when she is dramatic
R: Remain peaceful

I KNOW I’ve done this work but struggling to see where I’m NOT coaching myself well in this situation.