Husband’s task list

So I really, really hate when my husband gives me tasks to do. More than half the time I say yes and then just don’t do them, and I choose thoughts that make me feel terrible. I did a thought download and lots of negative thoughts came up. I think I’ll be doing models on this for a while. Here are my models for today.

C task
T this will upset me and him
F fear
A don’t do task, and either ignore feelings or feel guilty
R we are both upset

#2 has a nice thought, but I don’t yet believe it, so the feeling is anger
C task
T I can choose to do task or not, and we are both responsible for our own feelings.
F Anger
A avoid task
R I feel anger and resentment toward myself and him

C task
T I am considering the possibility that we are both responsible for our own thoughts and feelings, whether I do the task or not
F neutral
A do task or not – do models on my thoughts and feelings
R I take responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings, no matter what