I blew my own mind today

I’m a chartered accountant bad tax consultant who is coming to train with you in August. I recently told my boss that I thought our team could do with some empowerment training to step up and become amazing professionals. She totally bought into the potential of it and had everyone clear their calendar for a three hour team meeting this morning. I was so freaked out about how far she “let me take it” and did a tonne of mind management around all the thoughts that came up for me in the preparation. Wild thoughts that I would have said were miles beneath me. I got there. Today I presented a three hour workshop called “you as your best professional self” to a room of 60 business professionals. It was amazing. I was honest to god, fantastic! I put a load of work into preparing and practicing my presentation and it was totally worth it. I coached two people live right there in front of the whole room and it was transformative. I cannot believe I did that today. I’m still smiling. One of my colleagues came right over to me when it was over and said “That was amazing. You need to tell this to the world”.
I am so flipping proud of me!!!