“I can’t say that” model

I became aware of this model this afternoon. My boss agreed to a project and then gave it to me. He didn’t understand the work or do any work on it. My main feeling is resentment about it. The whole project I just wanted to be done with it. This model below happened this afternoon.

C: boss said I hope you enjoyed that project
T: I hated it but I can’t say that
F: hesitant
A: shake my head “yes”
R: I am pretending to have had an experience other than what I had

I heard Jody Moore talk about taking responsibility for our weaknesses. I feel still unclear in my thoughts about my job. Like maybe I need to accept that I don’t like it and that I’m not great at it. Thoughts? I think you will say I get to decide to think that or not. I think the hardest part about my job are my thoughts and feelings. Technically, it’s pretty easy and I like some of the actual tasks. Maybe I’m making it much harder for myself.