‘I eat in a way that I know serves me.’

I took your advice to heart, and the last few days, I am thinking this way which is allowing me to eat this way.

I did lose 10 pounds following your Stop Overeating tools.

But they are the 10 pounds that I didn’t really have to lose.

I got to what goal, and quickly left it because in my mind, “I did not want to stay there.”

But when I gained back the weight, I had lots of chatter in my brain. Lots of it is negative, demeaning, and disappointing thoughts.

These thoughts were not serving me.

I did not need it, and what’s more, the chatter was causing more pain than the few extra pounds were causing.

So, I decided to try on the new thought you suggested.

‘I eat in a way that I know serves me.’

I am not feeling ‘deprived.’

I eat what serves me.

I am being kind to my body.

I am stopping the chatter in my brain.

When ‘I eat in a way that I know serves me,’ my body eases and my mind becomes more peaceful.

I know that thinking this way, will give me the feeling of peace and calm which will allow the right actions and give me the results I want.

Allowing vs. Resisting.

Is this what I am experiencing?