I have reached Diamond status but regrettably, have not done the work over the past year.

Hi Brooke,
I am embarrassed to admit that I have been in self-coaching scholars for over a year now yet have been “offline” for many months and therefore have not done “the work”. My participation has been sporadic due to feeling stuck and completely overwhelmed (also, I have been in the process of getting separated/divorced for the past year which has turned my life upside down). I have all of the physical materials, videos and podcasts at my disposal but feel paralyzed….I don’t know where to start. I am at a point in my life (and I have been for some time) where I need to go back to work which requires me to “reinvent” myself as I have been out of the paid workforce for many years. I need a serious intervention/kick in the butt…please help! Diane
Best, Diane