I Love Janet Archer

I would love for Janet to know that after our session yesterday, I asked myself WHY a hundred different ways. WHY was I choosing to create so much pain for myself with my writing? Why would I pick a goal last December and then look for evidence for why it would fail? WHY did I think I would succeed if I kept telling myself I had no talent? All very good questions, and because of scholars and Janet’s questioning my thinking, I finally broke through to the peaceful, I-might-have-a-better-chance at success if I told myself I did have the talent. I know after a year in scholars, you would think this would have happened faster. I’ve worked on every aspect of my life except this.

If you see Janet Archer out there in diamond world, please give her a thousand hugs from me! And tell her, I solved a big issue with the first 10 pages of my book today, because she helped me to free up some brain space ! Thank you coaching gurus!