I need a stop underworking masterclass and calls (NP)

I successfully lost 70 pounds last year and now I want to do the work with my work. I want to stop underworking. Instead of working I am indulging in indecision, feeling terrified of failing, procrastinating, feeling like an imposter. And I’ve been doing that for years. My impossible goal of december 2017 was about that but my focus after that was on stop overeating, so I didn’t follow through, even if I clearly made some progress along the way this year. For stop overeating I listened to all the related podcast, calls, class, workshop, I did a daily food journal, planned ahead my food… I am trying to design an equivalent for my personal “stop underworking and productivity program” : find the related podcasts, do the study guides, use the work in the months related to work and planning, listen to… the live coaching? Plan the tutoring, write a letter from my future self (never done that yet), maybe also practice new thought everyday, do thought download and models, find a meditation related to work (no idea about how to do that yet), do a vision board, ask questions to Brook, think about my commitment, find a way to make it fun, ask my brain the right questions…. Am I missing some tools?