I Think I Am Getting Attached To The How

I am an actor and a filmmaker. My impossible goal is to make $300k as an artist. Part of that goal is to make and sell a movie, which feels like something I can do and I don’t have a lot of drama around it. Another one of my steps was to get a certain contract on a television show. I’ve been working on my thoughts and beliefs towards this goal for about 4 months though and don’t feel like I’m getting that much closer. Lately I’ve been wondering if getting that contract is an unnecessary goal – like if I’m just getting too attached to the “how” of my bigger goal. I don’t know if I should let that go or keep trying to achieve it. I do want to get that contract, and I like my reasons (sounds fun!) but now it feels like maybe it isn’t moving me closer to the $300k goal and is just distracting me. How can I evaluate if getting this specific contract is something I should keep putting energy into or if I should let go?