I will do better tomorrow

Hi Brooke,

My goal this year is to lose 10kg and I have not achieved this yet as keep eating off protocol. I have been practising the thought, I will be gaining a body I love.

Last night I broke protocols again. Doing the work this morning I was trying to uncover the thought / model I ran when I ate and it was I will do better tomorrow. I am
just realising that this one thought is what is preventing me to achieve my goal (so thank goodness I over ate so I could reveal it. Up until now I thought it was nice thought as falls into the fresh start etc). Anyway now I have got it just want to make sure the model is right as struggling with naming the feeling – and confirming the result as it doesn’t seem to prove the thought.

C – chocolate
T – I will do better tomorrow
F – dissappointed/ guilty
A – quickly eat chocolate
R – (not sure)

This thought I repeat to myself every time I am about to go off protocol.