I work for Jody Moore…

She just doesn’t know it yet.

Thanks you so much for all your coaching at Modelthon. It was a great experience.

So it’s pretty amazing how we find evidence for things that we already believe. Since starting to tell people how I work for Jody Moore, I have found evidence that I have already been working for her (bringing value to her company).

In the past year, I’ve…

1. Convinced at least a dozen people to listen to her podcast.

2. Sent her an email mentioning the teachings of someone that I find really inspiring. She interviewed that person on her podcast a few months later.

3. Convinced someone to join her online membership site, so she has been paying Jody for more than a year, and she attended a 4 day event that Jody recently hosted.

Before Modelthon, I brushed these things off as not a big deal, but I’m paying attention now.