I’m a hero! (Nadège)

Dear Brooke,
Those past few days, I’ve realised that I buffer when I feel scared : I felt scared thinking of the Coach Training starting in October but also for the Paris-Versailles race for which I felt I hadn’t trained enough.
C – race
T – I haven’t trained enough
F – fear
A – I focus on what I haven’t done rather than the 30 minutes of exercise a day everyday that I do, I imagine the worst case scenario…
R – I’ve got no self-confidence
Yesterday evening I read the quote “fear turns you into a hero”. Today, before the race I felt scared but during the 16km (and the steep hills!) I kept thinking:
– I can take all my time (I didn’t mind finishing last so long as I finished it)
– I’ve got everything I need (because Sunday is a day when I skip breakfast AND lunch and I also skipped the sugar lumps being given away on the way – I only drank water)
The result? I ran the 16k in 1 hour and 55 minutes and I have never felt that proud before: I’m a hero! I wasn’t hungry, faint or anything until dinner time. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I noticed, just before the race, that my shoe was broken. And yet, that didn’t prevent me from finishing.
Now, I’m going to use that instance to feel ready for Coach Training: of course I’m scared and I’m allowed to be so. But I’m also ready and I could very well amaze myself too!
C – Coach Training
T – I’m going to blow my own mind!
F – excited
A – I look for areas where I’m scared and examine whether I could surprise myself or not
R – I surprise myself by overcoming my fear
Thanks for making it possible! You’re my hero!