"If I’m Going to Be Still Thinking About This A Year From Now…"

I’ve been having difficulty for over a year, since I joined SCS, to overcome my fear to write.

While I succeeded in other aspects of my health and life, one year after and I’m still thinking about it.
I write for few days and then I stop. I start a new screenplay and then I stop. I fall in love with another idea, I write a few pages and then I stop.

I remember so vividly when you said in the Stop Overeating workshop that one day you told yourself, ‘if I’m going to be still thinking about this a year from now, I’m going to get really pissed.’ And that’s exactly how I feel about writing.

And I’ve never asked to be coached live with you because I think I should have figured it out by now.

I also have this thought that my questions on Diamond Ask Brooke should go to prove that I’ve came a long way in my thinking, that I should know better by now.

And yet I have a screenplay I am trying to write for over a year, and every few days I hear my brain telling me that it is not a story worth telling and it blocks my ability to come up with new scenes.

And so I take a long look at these thoughts because on one hand I understand they are there to protect me and on the other hand I think, ‘what if it’s just a simple good intuition that the story really doesn’t go anywhere?’

By now I accumulated unfinished: 70-pages non-fiction book manuscript, a 40-pages TV pilot script, a 12-pages film screenplay, and tons and tons of notes to myself about future and better stories.

A year later, as a Diamond, I am still thinking ‘Why can’t I be like those who write effortlessly? Why is this so hard for me? Why am I getting stuck?