Impossible Goal

Hi Brooke,
I have became a Diamond in May! I have also never been coached live. I have learned so much that every time I decide to do it I coach myself and solve the issue. I did raise my hand the other day on the VIP call and was scared that you might call on me! So I am going to keep raising my hand even if I don’t think I need to because I now make myself do scary things! So I also wanted to tell you that I was at the modelthon in April and I am the gal who had just found out that I had kidney cancer the morning of the modelthon. Well I had the kidney and the cancer removed a week later and I am cancer free and feel great! I want to tell you Thank You so much for the coaching that day and for being who you are in the world! I appreciate you so much! I think the coaching I got that day from you helped me make my experience with cancer one that I came out of feeling grateful and helped me grow and thrive from it. I have been a self help junky my entire life! I have wanted to be a Health/Life coach before there was such a thing. I have a cleaning biz in my community for the last 18 years.My clients call me their fairy God mother. I started this biz after quitting my “real” job in corporate. I wanted to be able to be the girl scout leader, dance mom, horse show mom and all that so I did get to do all that and no regrets. I have enjoyed my biz and spent the last 18 years listening to Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robins programs and so many more, while cleaning the homes of people that I truly love. I got certified as a health coach a few years ago with the Health Coach Institute as a result of working with a life coach. She really helped me see the path that I most wanted to follow. I have had a few clients here and there but I am ready to really do this full time. I had 2 months off with the recovery and couldn’t make money so my husband had to pay all my bills so I took a few clients back so I could keep my SCS of course and pay my other little things. So its as if I see myself sitting on a fence but I am afraid to jump. My impossible dream is to make enough money as a coach to do the Life Coach School online training! Well just writing this has made me see a few things. I am afraid I will not be able to pay my bills if I jump in but at the same time I don’t believe I can make this happen while I am hiding out in peoples homes paying small as a fairy God mother. My Model
T I will not make it as a coach
F incompetent
A sit on the fence
R I don’t make it as a coach

T A lot of other people do make it as a coach, I can do it to.
F hint of confidence
A Keep doing the work
R I make it as a coach and am able to sign up for LCS training next month!

I am really close to believing this but I keep doing work, jumping off fences and doing facebook lives and free 7 day groups and stuff like that. I have done a few vision board work shops that I got a few clients from and I did a talk back in march to a group of adult horse show riders on how to deal with show ring stress, that was so fun for me but no clients from that. I have a talk coming up at a library that I am excited about. I was not good at any of these things at all but I made myself do it and I get so much better every time so I am not ever going to stop I am totally committed. I am putting myself out there and reaching out to people. I think I might think I cant do it until I stop cleaning houses. I have had to work a lot on my identity as I have seen myself as maybe less than for many years. Maybe my work in this area is not done? I feel so close.