Impossible goal 2020 – Homework Questions


1) Question on Goal Selection

I had two major goals after brainstorming – One is to earn more from what I am doing now with a job ( 50 K to 200K) and helping my spouse in his business. Second is a personal development goal to overcome stress, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, dishonoring my commitments, low-self esteem, indulgence in confusion and indecisiveness.

a) Regarding above goals, I am deciding to pick Money goal of 200K job + business task and I feel the personal development can be a by product of working towards Money. Please let me know if my approach is right?

b) Brooke says to pick a goal that seems impossible to you – I feel this is impossible because I don’t believe in it, but in reality getting a job is not an impossible goal. Would this still qualify for a good goal?

What person do I need to become to do this?
I don’t have a person, who I know has done this, so I am a bit stuck on how to come-up with a list of things I need to become to accomplish my goals. So, please help. I have listed all the reasons, I think it is not possible as few inputs to guide me:
1) The industry I am in doesn’t pay that high salaries until you are experience for decades
2) I feel my old patterns of anxiety, stress and overwhelm will lead me to confusion and create obstacles
3) Fear to take action will leave me with inaction
4) I don’t trust or believe my self to figure what are the list of things that I need to do will directly contribute to the goal, I will pick unnecessary goals and set my self up for failure. In the past, I never take decisions to solve a problem , so I think I will let myself down again
5) I will not honor my commitments
6) My perfectionism will slow me down
7) I am generally slow at completing task, so I feel how can I take on too many tasks that will come with this bugger goal
8) I don’t know how to set goals
9) Will procrastinate
10)I am not smart and the employer will not see me as a smart contributing individual
11) I will not know exactly what to do