Impossible Goal and " Failure and Learn and Failure Learn"

Hi Brooke,

I have been failing at my impossible goal and my all or nothing mind has been telling me that I am a failure. That thought is causing me a lot of pain (SCS says change the thought).
I see myself in a metaphor standing with all the tools in my arms that you have taught me and my “All or Nothing brain and my SCS brain” on each shoulder whispering in my ear.
I like all of us have come to a period in my life that issues are weighing down on me. I have financial, husband and of course family and friend issues. So now it is getting harder and because I am failing my impossible goal I feel like I will never do this. This takes so much courage and strength and time! I am so focused on the goal and not being there yet is frustrating.
I realize that your tools are as simple as change your thoughts but so difficult to let go of all my negative patterns I have learned over my many years. I do so believe in your work. Your tools make sense to me. The hard part is getting up each day and the doing and failing and doing and failing. There has been learning in there also but my All or Nothing mind says really why have you not accomplished by now? Let it go failure. My SCS mind says fail again and again and learn there is no other path to healing.
This failure mind says quit and the SCS mind says pick yourself up and try again and again it is the only way! This is a very new tool and thought! Yes I had it when I first started walking but I really lost it along my way in life.
Talk to me Brooke.