Impossible goal: Confirming my fails / strategy

Dear Brooke, Thank you for the Diamond Necklace but most of all for the Diamond status. I kept feeling over last year that I wished I had more time to “do-over” my homework as the concepts were finally sinking into my bones and then I’d find the month had flown by. Now in this New Year I will get to do that on the most important goal I can apply it to : my health. That is worth more to me than a mountain of diamonds. I am so grateful to you for that.

My Impossible goal is to lose 130 lbs next year. In 2017 I was not able to lose weight I wanted to despite my SCS membership.Looking back part of the reason was my inconsistency in following my protocol and the other part was my emotional eating . In doing models and thinking long and hard about the emotional eating I can see now several reasons for my buffering expertise :

1. seeking pleasure in food rather than in healthy self care,

2. Seeking solace in food when lonely or frustrated with my Children and marriage.

I just wanted to check with you to see if I am designing my fails correctly so I can go after my goal successfully with vigor. My goal isn’t like the selling art example you gave because while selling art may necessitate a new sales strategy if one doesn’t work ( sell art at a party if presenting to 10 galleries doesn’t work) —To my thinking, reaching my Impossible Goal depends on doing the same things consistently OVER AND OVER NO MATTER WHAT that is, eating on protocol EVERY day.

For my Fails for 1st quarter I have both food related and non food related (proper self care fails) . For example , food ones would be eating on protocol ,food journal, weigh daily etc

the challenge being Daily without exception. A self care goal would be using my c-pap nightly for good sleep , 8 hrs nightly, a massage every two weeks , walking in water 3x a week to maintain circulation in my feet, modeling thoughts when my kids don’t follow my manuals, DAILY meditation and DAILY SCS homework (there are more but I’ll stop) .

Again the challenge is in the consistency and I am essentially designing a consistent change in what I eat , as well as consistent alternative solutions to my Achilles heel : the emotional overeating. For quarter 2 I was going to design in relationship type fails to go deeper on the relationship with my husband since I have relied on food for pleasure rather than reaching out to him . I know this planning was last month in December , and I had designed the food catagory over Dec. I didn’t have the idea about designing in Anti-Emotionsl Eating fails until New Year’s weekend. Is this the right approach for my fails and going after the 130 lbs?
Looking forward to seeing you at the January Modelthon! Marguerite