Impossible Goal Indecision 2019

Hi Brooke

I still haven’t fixed on my impossible goal but one that keeps coming back to me is not to be late for single thing in a year as I’m someone who is always late but

1) it doesn’t feel big enough when comparing it to eg making a 100,000 in my business (musician)

2) I’m not sure what my 25 fails could be apart from just being late

I know I’m vacillating and I just need to pick something but I’m *thinking* that other people just manage to make it everywhere on time and then set goals that make huge shifts on their lives. If my impossible goal (and it does feel impossible but I don’t feel sick about it or hugely anxious about it) is simply not to be late I won’t have moved my life on so significantly. I’ll just be where everyone else is day to day (I can see all those thoughts btw as I write them)

I’ve had a 10 minute tutor session who was great on this but I still sit in indecision. I know you say just pick one and do it as it will change you but I don’t to waste this opportunity to pick something that will change my life dramatically eg increase my income, start a new business, become a mother

Thank you

Victoria xoxo
Ps I didn’t do it at all last year so really want to make this one count x