Impossible goal and pregnancy

I’m catching up on December calls and in one you mention that someone wanted to get pregnant and that would a good impossible goal and that you’d recommend enjoying the entire process. Conceptually I get why the goal should be impossible and how learning will change a person.

I’m currently trying to get pregnant (last 1.5 years) and I’m on my second miscarriage in 2 months and we are about to start infertility treatments so more of that is possible. I’m having a hard time figuring out how I’d enjoy the process. The payout will be big and I will be overjoyed for a baby but there’s also a roller coaster of excitement with each pregnancy and the emotions with the loss of the pregnancy. I’m trying to tie in all my tools and I am modeling and TDL and feeling emotions… I’m in the middle of this and I just don’t understand how I’ll enjoy the process. I’m all in for a potential baby but definitely not enjoying it. I just see this as a necessary path that ups our odds. How can I work to get there?