Impossible Goal – Q1

Hello! I am working through my impossible goal work for Quarter 1. My goal for 2020 is to be enrolled in certified life coaching. I was wondering if I could get feedback on my Quarter 1 actions? The first part of my goal is to create $18,000 of value for the course. So far for Quarter 1 I have 10 Results (or I think so). Here are the 10 that I have so far. 1 – Applying to higher paying jobs 2- Coaching work on liking my reason for spending $18,000 3-Deciding how to feel about the coaching program ahead of time 4-Make a list of 100 things to try to bring in extra income/provide value 5-Get coaching help on belief systems 6-Complete coaching work daily 7-Practice new thoughts 8-Watch through all videos on certified coaching program 9-Trying different ways to make money 10-Run my brainstorm list past a coach

I feel like maybe these aren’t good actions or fails? I see that a lot of my thoughts about becoming certified right now are around spending $18,000 (or whatever the cost will be for 2020) on the course, caring what other people think about me spending that amount, what I should be spending the money on instead, and creating $18,000 worth of value.