Impossible Goal

Hi Brooke, I feel so in over my head. I have been doing my own work but just getting caught up in what I feel are inadequacies.

I am coaching someone in relationships, a single woman who wants marriage. I have listened to you coach other women on this in the Modelthons. She is also in therapy. I see how I show up for her when I feel inadequate. I realized that if I am planning 25 fails, that I may fail her which is devastating me. I am in fact wanting to coach 10 women, which logically may mean that I will fail many of them. I quickly shift between my intentional thoughts and unintentional thoughts.

I feel like I know what you will tell me as I launch my own coaching practice. I can believe certain goals of my clients, but really having a hard time believing other goals. Must I believe my client’s goal as a prerequisite in helping them to believe their own goal.

Thank you. Happy New Year.