Intentional Model with meeting ex-bestie (additional question to yesterdays’s)

Hi There,
after having sent in yesterday’s question on how to think about my reaction to my ex-bestie’s behavior, I realize I need some support in creating an intentional model to prepare myself for a next encounter (Just the thought of the situation makes me feel extremely tense). It’s all in my head, of course, so maybe your suggestion is to wait and see? The ecounter might never happen, after all?
But if feels really helpul to think it through in advance, so here are my models:

C: We’ll run into each other
T: She will cross my borders again, I must protect myslef
F: Fear, self consciosness
A: Saying “hello” very tensely or even pretending I didn’t see her
R: Situation gets even more awkward/I’m really tense

C: We’ll run into each other
T: I’ve got my back. Nobody can cross my borders without me letting them.
F: Confidence, self-love
A: Saying “hello” in a relaxed way, not engaging in a conversation should she start one – staying friendly.
R: Feeling confident and protected.

Ideas, comments, hints? Thanks,