Intuitive choices

Dear Coach, I started my business recently with the intention to continue to provide services similar to what I was doing in Corporate and take time to better define what I would like to specialise into in the mid-term/long-term. For that, I am meeting people experienced in the field of new technologies and I am reading a lot on those.
Regarding current work, I am in discussion with clients. So far, I have received contracts that I need to sign. Some of the clauses in there make me feel very uncomfortable. My thoughts are that they are abusive that limit my freedom to prepare for my next step and could put myself at a high financial risk. I tend to be very emotional about it and almost would like to shut the door with these people. I believe any collaboration should be a win win. I have a hard time to consider those events as neutral and feel grounded and confident. Could this come from my “please others attitude” or any other thought pattern?

Thank you for your help