Is HSP Or Empaths A Thing?

I’m reading about empaths and HSPs and a lot of it seems true to me. There’s one person in particular in my life who I’ve always sensed was angry or irritated with me. I think I have internalized that and directed it towards myself. He’s said things like “we have to make sure we don’t hate working with each other” to me says he thinks he may hate working with me. He’ll say things like “use your brain” when I had a question about work. He acts like I’m the one who makes no sense when I think he’s the one who’s confused. I’ve never been so confused in my life than I have been around this person. I even started having back pain which this person does as well. Maybe we’re mirroring each other. He wanted me to write like him so I did. He has said he’s not sure if my work is wrong or different. And I’ve just kept losing more and more self-esteem. I’ve never felt so much shame and self-loathing around anyone. Am I projecting? I sometimes feel like I’m crazy.