Is it really 50/50?

I was thinking about the concept that life is 50/50 and came to the realization that when I put judgment on whether an emotion is negative or positive, I alter my perception of it and try to push it away or increase it. What if an emotion was just an emotion, a sensation in the body, and hence neither negative or positive? It just is. Therefore, when I feel something ‘negative’ like fear and view it as just a sensation, I don’t want to try and push it away from me and instead look at it with curiosity and interest. Whether it is negative or positive is irrelevant, and it just becomes a sensation resulting from a thought that I then get to decide if it’s useful for me or not in that circumstance. When we drop the idea that life is 50/50, I think that we then become more open to experiencing whatever comes up for us. This is a pretty new idea for me and I’ve only just begun experimenting with it but feel more open to my life. I think 50/50 is super useful to start accepting your negative emotions as part of who you are rather than something you try and avoid, but then there also comes a time when labeling an emotion as positive or negative gets in the way. What are your thoughts?