Is it too much money?

Hellooo Brooke,

Jake and I FINALLY decided to do coaching full-time, after a year of refusing to (I’ve had to do thought work around why it took us so long to say yes).
We designed a 12-session coaching program (that can be done bi-weekly or weekly), we want to get 10 clients before October. Super excited!
So far, without marketing, we’ve gotten 3 paying clients- but for too LOW of a price.

We want to RAISE our price to $4,980 for 12 sessions per client. Yikes!
C: 12 Session Coaching Program
T: We haven’t been coaching long enough to charge that high of a price and that’s tripling our original price
F: Fraudulent
A: Don’t ask people
R: No NEW clients

NEW T: I’ve done the work and KNOW how to help people, these resutls are totally worth this price.

My question- is there such thing as charging too much too soon? I mean, should prices include our experience- length of time coaching? Does this part really boil down to JUST our thoughts?

Thanks so much,