Is there ever a situation where changing the circumstance is the best approach?

I understand that our thoughts generate our experience about the Cs in our lives, but I wanted to check in about my current circumstance and try to tease out what are my thoughts (which I realize is most of it), and whether there are sometimes human dynamics at play that may warrant a change of circumstance.

More concretely…

C: I am a medical resident, 1st year (equivalent of an intern in the US)
C: Attending program in a different language than the language in which I learned medicine or conversed in the last 20 years.
C: Daily performance evaluations + overall evaluations = do not meet criteria to pass
C: Sometimes, daily evaluations are really good, then global evaluation = does not meet criteria to pass (debatable whether this fits under C, probably a T: elements brought up to me during the review of the evaluation are ‘new’ concerns that were not brought up earlier)
C: I have much improved despite not meeting all criteria – more criteria met over time but still not enough for a pass (my usual Ts: there is hope, I am improving, yay, keep going!)

I have been told this in many ways, from nicely to not so nicely, to just plain meanly. I’ve mostly dealt with the thoughts around it. When I am told these things, I am able to neutralize the words and make it mean whatever I want it to mean. While sometimes it takes a bit longer, I am mostly able to recover from discouragement pretty quickly and just keep moving forward, doing my best and failing every single day!

Sometimes, though, I wonder if I am working against some human cognitive biases that seem to have been formed in the group of evaluators. If they already all agree that I am not meeting their standards, aren’t they just seeking evidence to prove what they already think? It sure does feel that way sometimes when some comments get seemingly overblown to support their conclusions. Some people have told me that perhaps I am not being treated fairly (but that’s also just their thoughts about the C). One evaluator has even told me that this tends to happen in their group (which I think isn’t unusual in group dynamics).

I just generating a bunch of Ts to explain away my continued poor evaluations? Is there more I can do to move forward in the best way possible, with the best outcome possible? Is changing training programs a reasonable option here, or am I just too deep into this to see clearly that this whole situation really just revolves around my thoughts?

Any thought-provoking questions I should be asking myself to shake things up in my brain to help me make a decision about how to move forward?

Thanks so much!!