Is This Right?

Hello! I need some more help with my goal which is applying to 100 jobs by the end of the month. It has felt terrible today. I’ve went over the new thought in my mind. I didn’t complete all of my 9 jobs I had planned to apply to today. My brain has been thinking thoughts like “You don’t need to apply for more.” “Why bother applying to jobs I don’t want to do.” “I’m wasting my time and someone else’s if I’m not planning on taking the job.” Is it supposed to feel like I’m just applying to meet my goal? Additionally, it has not felt fun at all. I haven’t really enjoyed the process. Am I doing that wrong? Could I also look at reevaluating my goal to add additional days? I want to have my back and complete the goal, but I also don’t want to just sit and apply for 100 jobs I don’t really want. Thank you!!