It’s all about her – follow up

C – Sister texted – “Wow, I feel bad. You didn’t like any of my ideas for the bridal shower. Are you sure you don’t want Janelle as your maid of honor? I’m not meaning that in a snotty way either so don’t take it that way.”
T – She’s making this all about her.
F – Annoyed, Frustrated
A – Complain about what she said to other people
R – Making it all about her

Along with the model, I had a follow up thought -I’m frustrated because I shouldn’t have to validate her and make her feel like she was the “right choice.” I posted earlier and I was wondering what – Your sister doesn’t need to validate you and make you feel like you made the “right choice.”That’s up to you, as is who you want to be as a bride-to-be who asked her sister to be maid of honor. – means? I think I may be not understanding the coaching I could do here. I don’t think my sister has to validate me, but it feels like I need to validate her.

Just needed some clarity. Thanks!